Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal Injury Protection

Florida Law requires every owner of a motor vehicle to carry personal injury protection (“PIP”) insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to cover the first $10,000 of an injured person’s medical expenses, wage loss, and mileage incurred as a result of an automobile accident.

When an injured person receives care from a medical provider, the injured person typically assigns their PIP benefits to the provider. Often times, the insurance company will deny or reduce the payment owed to that medical provider. The attorneys at Snedaker Law can assist those medical providers in recovering what they are owed from the insurance companies. We have experience in a vast amount of PIP issues, including denials of claims for coverage issues, material misrepresentation, failure to appear at an independent medical exam or examination under oath, alleged fraud, and failure to cooperate.

Snedaker Law does not simply handle a PIP claim for a medical provider. We take the time to explain the issues to the provider and work with them to improve their practices for the future.

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