Florida Human Trafficking Lawyers

Florida Human Trafficking Lawyer

Florida has the third most cases of human trafficking in the United States, and the number of cases continues to increase at alarming rates. Human trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transporting, or obtaining of a person for labor or services. This can include forced labor, slavery, or servitude, and involves individuals who are brought to Florida from other countries as well. The toll this takes on victims is devastating.  Florida law protects individuals from any form of human trafficking, but the legal process can be daunting.  Victims can recover for their injuries, pain and suffering. 

Contact the Florida human trafficking lawyers at Snedaker Law if you or someone you know has been affected by a human trafficking crime in the state of Florida. Our team of professional lawyers has years of experience helping human trafficking victims understand their rights and receive the compensation they deserve. We understand that human trafficking crimes can often be well disguised and difficult to notice, and victims often don’t understand the full extent to which they are being trafficked. Other times, the trafficking crime can be so dangerous that victims are scared to report it. 

florida human trafficking lawyer

The Florida human trafficking lawyers at Snedaker Law Firm treat victims with the care and respect that they deserve, and are passionate about ensuring that victims are compensated for the physical, mental, and economic damage they have experienced. We not only fight against the traffickers, but also the establishments that enable and turn a blind eye to the human trafficking, so that justice is fully served. Give us a call today at (407) 553-3529 for a free consultation.

Those Responsible For Human Trafficking In The State of Florida:

Those responsible for human trafficking are not just the individuals that commit the crime. It can also include the establishments that allowed the human trafficking to happen, or failed to report the crime when it did. For instance, a hotel that allows human trafficking to take place on its premises can be held liable for those actions and be required to pay a victim money as compensation.

Human trafficking in the state of Florida can occur in any type of business, restaurant, public area, or home. Although recent laws have required employees to receive training on the signs of human trafficking in Florida, many human trafficking crimes still go unnoticed or unreported. There is no excuse for ignoring and not protecting individuals from the danger of human trafficking, which is why Snedaker Law holds the establishments and groups involved in human trafficking crimes fully responsible for their actions. 

Signs of Human Trafficking:

  • Traffickers tend to target more vulnerable populations. These can include those from unstable living situations, those who are undocumented immigrants, those involved in the juvenile justice system, and other vulnerable situations.
  • Traffickers will use lies about romantic love, good jobs, and safe living to lure people. Suspicious sounding or too good to be true stories can be a red flag.
  • Victims of both labor and sex trafficking are often monitored by their traffickers. This can include the monitoring of communication, movements, and finances.
  • Victims are often coerced into and kept in their situations by threats of deportation, physical harm, debt, and other forms of control.

Learn more about Recognizing Signs of Human Trafficking


Contact the team of Florida lawyers at Snedaker Law today to speak about a human trafficking crime. Our Florida human trafficking lawyers will receive you with compassion, and ensure that those involved in a human trafficking crime are held accountable. Contact us or give us a call at (407) 553-3529.

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Video Transcript:

“Did you know Orlando ranks 3rd in the nation for calls to a national human trafficking hotline? As shocking as it may seem it’s happening right here in central Florida. Snedaker Law works to help victims recover compensation from businesses that profit from it. We can all work together to help victims by recognizing the signs of human trafficking. For a list of what to look for go to snedakerlaw.com and if you’re a victim or know someone please call us. We need to hold those responsible, accountable.”

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