Car Rental After Car Accident

Getting a Rental after a Car Accident

One of the most frustrating aspects of getting involved in a car accident? The logistics of getting a rental vehicle. 

Even if you’re unhurt, you’re likely shaken up after an accident – and have a lot of responsibilities to handle Renting a new vehicle isn’t always top of the list, but getting around is nearly impossible without one. 

Snedaker Law is here to help you. As a top-rated car accident law firm, we can help you recover from your accident and look after any and all expenses, including a rental car.

car rental after car accident

Am I entitled to a rental car after an accident?

Yes. Some details may vary depending on your insurance carrier and policy (so be sure to check the details closely), but in almost all cases, your insurance company is responsible for providing a rental car following an accident. You should have free access to the rental while your car is being repaired or replaced. 

How do I get a rental car after an accident?

After contacting emergency services and ensuring everyone involved is alright, your very next step after a car accident is to contact your insurance company. You should always do this regardless of your need for a rental car, as notifying them of the accident is the first step of filing a claim. 

When you contact your agent, tell them that you’ll need a rental car. You can usually get set up with a replacement car by the next day – often within a few hours.

Should I contact my insurance company for a rental car?

Yes! Your insurance company is typically responsible for providing a rental after an accident. 

You have a lot on your plate right now – details to record, doctors to visit, and so on. Ease the burden by letting your insurance agent handle the necessary documents and ensure you receive your rental promptly.

Who pays for a rental car when you’re not at fault?

Florida’s no-fault laws require every driver to carry $10,000 in limited liability insurance. This makes it easier for accident victims to make claims and receive compensation without hiring a lawyer – and also ensures you’re always eligible for a rental car. 

No matter who was responsible for the accident, your insurance company should pay for repairs as well as a rental while your car is off the road. 

In serious accidents, you may wish to seek additional compensation if expenses exceed the sum of $10,000. In these cases, you can use the help of a lawyer to claim these costs directly from the party that caused the accident.

How long can I keep a rental car after an accident?

The exact circumstances of your rental car are determined by your insurance policy. Often, you’re entitled to a rental car for 30 days after an accident – but it depends on the circumstances of your vehicle and the reimbursement schedule. 

How does an insurance company determine how long I can keep my rental?

Most insurance companies reimburse for rental car costs after the fact – which means the total reimbursement you’re eligible for will determine how long you can keep the car. 

The insurance company will consider your unique situation when assessing how long you can keep your rental. In most cases, you can use the rental car until your primary vehicle is repaired and returned to you. 

In the case of a totaled vehicle, you’ll likely be able to keep the rental for a set number of days after you receive your settlement. Talk with your insurance company to determine how long you have to make a new purchase under your plan.

Do I need a lawyer if I already have a rental?

If you’ve already been in contact with your insurance company and are receiving coverage for a rental car, you might think you have no reason to contact a lawyer. However, you should always get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to. 

Insurance companies are not your friend. An automobile attorney will advise you of all possible scenarios, negotiate with the insurance company and other parties on your behalf, and fight for your rights in and out of court. 

How Snedaker Law helps with any Car Accident Injury

Our team of car accident lawyers have the expertise and experience to get you back on the road to a normal life. We can help you acquire an appropriate rental car, work with your insurance company to make all eligible claims, and ensure any repairs are completed in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. Contact us today:

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