Snedaker On the News: Altamonte Springs Hotel Death​

As featured on Fox35,  and by several news outlets, Snedaker Law has taken legal action against the Altamonte Springs Hotel & Suites, emphasizing the urgent need for hotels to prioritize the safety of their patrons. This lawsuit arises from the tragic story of Joy Bardwell-Kittrell, whose daughter’s life was cut short due to alleged negligence at the hotel.

Case Specifics & Legal Action Summarized

Tragedy Strikes at Altamonte Springs: The lawsuit centers around the tragic death of Amber Bardwell-Kitrell, who passed away at the Altamonte Springs Hotel & Suites under circumstances that have brought the hotel’s safety and security measures into question. On a day marked by sorrow and remembrance, Amber’s mother, Joy Bardwell-Kittrell, expressed her devastating loss and determination for accountability, stating, “The people that own this place need to be held accountable.” This lawsuit stems from the heartbreaking reality that Amber’s life was cut short, a tragedy her mother believes could have been prevented with proper oversight and safety protocols in place.

The Allegations Unfold: According to the lawsuit filed by Snedaker Law, alongside The Haba Law Firm, the Altamonte Springs Hotel & Suites is accused of creating an environment that “encouraged, enabled, and promoted criminal activity.” This claim is backed by police records indicating that officers were called out to the hotel approximately 650 times the year Amber died, highlighting a persistent issue of drug deals, prostitution, and other crimes plaguing the premises.

Snedaker Law's Stance

Advocating for Safety and Justice: Shannon Snedaker’s words, “We hope that Amber receives some measure of justice and that this lawsuit will ensure that The Altamonte Springs Hotel & Suites no longer enables and facilitates such egregious conduct,” highlight the firm’s commitment to justice and preventing future tragedies.

A Commitment to Change: Snedaker Law’s legal battle underscores the firm’s dedication to challenging negligence within the hospitality industry, advocating for victims, and promoting a safer environment for all guests.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Envisioning a Safer Future: The lawsuit represents a crucial step towards redefining hotel safety standards nationwide. Snedaker Law’s efforts extend beyond the courtroom, aiming to inspire a commitment to safety and accountability across the hospitality industry.

This structured approach, complete with direct quotes and thematic headers, provides a clear and compelling narrative that outlines Snedaker Law’s role in this significant legal battle, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to justice, safety, and industry-wide change.

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