What Does PIP Cover?


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is a mandatory coverage that all Florida policies for automobiles must have.  So if you have Florida car insurance, you have PIP.  It provides $10,000 in benefits for medical, disability and death benefits.

Who does it cover?  The $10,000 is per each covered person.  In theory, every person in or struck by a vehicle will be covered by someone’s PIP policy.  Your policy covers you, your spouse, and any relatives who reside in your household.  It also covers anyone who is travelling in your vehicle if they do not have their own or a family member’s PIP policy that extends coverage.  That means it covers anyone who lives in your household, if they are a relative (by any degree of blood or marriage).  It would also cover your coworker or friend you were giving a ride to, unless they have their own PIP coverage or they live with a relative who has coverage.  There are exceptions to these rules, of course, but that is the basic premise.  The purpose of PIP is a provide as many people as possible this coverage.

A previous post went over some of the scenarios where PIP provides medical benefits.  Contrary to what you may think, it is not just car accidents.  It even covers pedestrians and those riding bicycles.

PIP also pays for services you never thought of.  For instance, it pays for 60% of your lost wages that are the result of an automobile accident.  It pays for things you would normally do yourself, but due to your injuries, can no longer do.  For instance, if you previously did your own yard work, but now you cannot, PIP will reimburse you for paying for lawn service.

One common occurrence we see is where our clients have difficulty with transportation following an accident.  But PIP coverage can help with that too!  First, if have a transportation, it will pay for your mileage for travelling to and from your medical treatment.  The amount is typically the IRS standard reimbursement rate.  It is important to keep track of your miles and dates where you travel for medical treatment.  Second, if you do not have access to a vehicle, PIP will pay for an Uber, taxi, or bus so that you can still get the medical attention you need.

It is always amazing to hear of folks who do not think they need an attorney after an accident.  Sure, some do not.  But because a consultation is free, it always makes sense to have a free consultation to ensure you know your rights and what you may be entitled too!

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