Misconceptions About Personal Injury

Common Misconceptions about Personal Injury

Ambulance chasers, for the money, and fraudulent claims are some of the misconceptions people may have about personal injury attorneys and personal injury claims.  In this blog we will separate out some of those misconceptions and find out what is fact and what is fiction.

Fact: Insurance companies pay for the compensation in a personal injury case

There is a misconception that if you make a claim for personal injury then you may financially devastate an individual.  While you may be able to collect from an individual for a personal injury claim, the focus first and foremost is on the insurance coverage.  In most personal injury cases, the entity paying for the compensation in a claim is an insurance company.  While an individual may be named in the personal injury case, the insurance company is typically paying for that person’ attorney and paying for any amount of money extended to resolve the claim.

Fiction: Insurance companies are on your side

A common statement or misconception that we hear from clients is that their insurance company is looking after them; or how they have been loyal to their insurance companies for decades and expect to be treated a certain way.  This is absolutely not true.  Insurance companies are for-profit companies that collect premiums and try to avoid paying out. This is true regardless of how loyal you remain to your insurance company.  If you are involved in a car accident, keep in mind that the insurance companies are conducting business that does not always equate to looking after your best interest.

Fact: Personal Injury attorneys do not take payment upfront

Personal injury attorneys do not charge for a consultation and do not get paid unless they recover money on behalf of their clients.  Most personal injury attorneys are retained on a contingency fee basis, which means they do not get paid unless you do. 

Fiction: Personal Injury claims resolves quickly

While some personal injury claims can resolve quickly, most claims take time to develop.  The primary reason why claims do not resolve quickly is because the personal injury clients are treating for their injuries.  Resolution of a claim should not be discussed until there is an understanding of the medical prognosis with respect to the personal injury client’s injury(ies). Once the injuries develop and are addressed, then the process of resolution can begin.

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